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Stupid Mistake or Daring Plan? | Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan and His Solo Transatlantic Flight

Paper Skies

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Published on Apr 11, 2021
In 1938, American pilot Douglas Corrigan surprised the whole world when he landed his plane in Dublin. Everyone was surprised by the fact that HE MADE IT BY MERE MISTAKE. He was not the first pilot in the history of aviation to fly over the ocean, but he was the only pilot to do so by accident. For his mistake, Douglas earned the nickname "Wrong Way" Corrigan.

But was it really a mistake? Or did he fly to Ireland on purpose?

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00:00 - Tiny silver airplane
01:23 - Jenny
03:12 - Spirit of St. Louis
05:35 - Sunshine
09:15 - Los Angeles - New York
10:52- Wrong Way
13:00 - That's my story
15:53 - Flying Irishman

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