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British engineer who ACCIDENTALLY TOOK OFF in a fighter jet: Taffy Holden's Lightning Flight

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Published on Apr 26, 2021
In 1966, without being a pilot, by mere accidental mistake, RAF Engineer Taffy Holden flew in the fastest British fighter jet ever - BAC Lightning. This is one of those cases where the described events sound so incredible, even by the standards of fictional stories. But the thing is that they all truly happened.

Wing Commander Walter "Taffy" Holden remarkably went down in the history of the Royal Air Force as an engineer who accidentally took off in a jet fighter.

Big Thank You to Dan Rostron (Taffy Holden's grandson) for giving permission to use the video of their family visit to Duxford Air Museum.

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00:00 - Taffy Holden
01:16 - V Force
03:16 - Lightning
05:12 - XM135
07:10 - Aren't you a pilot?
08:54 - Like a bullet
11:25 - 12 minutes
15:30 - Take off the cap

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Comet and Lightning (modified) 3d models by manilov.ap CC BY 4.0

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