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Why Soviet Pilots Called It “The Booze Carrier”: The Tupolev Tu-22 Story

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Published on Jun 03, 2021
The history of military aviation knows multiple examples of aircrafts that appeared to be a complete failure. But nothing can beat the story of the first Soviet supersonic bomber – the Tupolev Tu-22. The troubles and the controversy of this bomber, that Tupolev himself referred to as “his most unfortunate creation”, could be seen through the variety of nicknames that the plane received during its career. Among the Russian pilots, the Tu-22 was called the “Pricker”, the “Man-eater”, as well as “Error-plane” and “Defectocraft”, but the most famous among all others was the name - “Supersonic Booze Carrier”.

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00:00 - Tupolev
02:33 - Plane 105
07:02 - Tu-22
09:40 - Man-Eater
15:46 - Shpaga
21:11 - Blinder

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