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Why was B-17 "Memphis Belle" SO SPECIAL?

Paper Skies

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Published on Apr 10, 2021
This is the story of the legendary Boeing B-17 bomber named Memphis Belle. During the vicious air battle over Europe (WW2), when the average lifespan of a bomber was only 13 flights, this B-17 bomber was the first to complete and survive 25 combat missions. It’s been the subject of countless books and documentaries, and a feature film has even been produced, which, for many years, firmly held the position in the top 10 best military aviation movies of all time.

Boeing B-17 became known as one of the best heavy bombers of World War II. But interestingly enough, B-17s might not even exist at all.

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00:00 - Military Aviation Legends
03:10 - Flying Fortress
05:26 - War Debut
08:01 - Survival odds
10:48 - Memphis Belle
13:11 - Film
15:48 - Twenty-five
17:40 - The firsts
20:46 - Legendary

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