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Frankenstein Loses His Trousers!

Grand Illusions

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Published on Aug 06, 2021
The American inventor Donald Poynter had a company (Poynter Products Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio) that created many entertaining items that kept Americans and also people all round the world amused for decades. Here Tim shows all the Poynter Products that he has in his toy collection!

First, the Bandit Box - place a coin in the slot and a hand appears from inside the box, and snatches the coin back inside the box.

Another coin bank, this time a Venus Flytrap!

Then a coin bank where you place the coin on a spoon that is spring loaded - no batteries in this toy! A rubber sucker holds the spoon down, and when it releases the spoon flips up and the coin vanishes inside the 'chattering teeth' on the top. Yum, yum!

Back to battery powered coin banks, and a dog that an entertaining trick! His tail is the switch, and when he is activated, a very long tongue emerges from his mouth. Place a coin on the end of his tongue, and his tongue then vanishes very quickly back into his mouth, taking the coin with it.

Then the 'Postmistress' - this toy also has a long tongue that emerges when you push the plunger on the top. The tongue emerges wet, due to the reservoir of water inside, and this enables you to wet the back of an old fashioned stamp!

Then another black box. Pull the tray out at the front, put a coin in, and push the tray back into the box. There is a whirring sound, and then a message pops up. The toy came with a choice of messages, but Tim likes the 'OUT OF ORDER' message the best.

Then a wind up golf ball, designed for use on the green. When the unsuspecting golfer hits it with the putter, the golf ball walks off in a slightly random way!

Then another black box. There is a lever on the top. Push the lever and the box starts whirring. Then a hand appears from inside and... switches itself off again! Sometimes known as the 'leave me alone box'.

Then a version of the same idea, but this time the box has an electrical coil on top, and what looks like a high voltage insulator.

Then a bee in a jar that hovers over a flower. It uses magnets, and the bee is suspended from a fine nylon thread.

Then a trick cigarette lighter. The idea is that you fill it with foam from the can that is supplied with it, and then when someone tries to light their cigarette they get foam everywhere.

Then... Frankenstein! Press the button the the base, and wait for.... oh no - his trousers have fallen down. He blushes bright red in embarrassment!

Finally, yet another black box. Press the top and a hand appears, holding a small bottle. It then tips the bottle slightly and... pours you a drink. Cheers Don!