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TENET Temporal Pincer Explained And The True Meaning Of The Ending

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Published on Sep 08, 2020
TENET Temporal Pincer Explained And The True Meaning Of The Movie's Ending. We breakdown the biggest plot device in TENET which is the Temporal Pincer. We explain how it works and why the full movie is really one going on before our eyes.

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Temporal Pincer Explained

Ok so the Temporal Pincer is used at two key points in the film. Firstly we see it happen during the car chase and then at the end of the film at the battle of Stalask-12. However the film itself is also a Temporal Pincer in some ways with two major characters carrying one out across the decades.

Now before going into everything we have to talk about how time in the film works. It's a relatively simple concept and though it's often referred to as time travel, in many ways it's not.

We experience time moving forward in a sequential direction. This is typically referred to as cause and effect. You roll a pen forward it moves forward. These are the laws of the universe. However, those in the film who become inverted witness it moving backwards and thus the effect is viewed as being the cause. So for them time moves backwards with everything returning to it's source rather than expanding from it.

Now everything that will happen has happened and it is impossible to change things because there only exists one version of the events. So when the pen moves forward it always moves forward and because we saw it move forward and know that that is what will always happen, when we invert it must always move back.

During the car chase which we'll get into more detail in a bit when viewing things normally, we witness inverted cars moving backwards, it's because the driver in them is going forward through time.

However, when we see things inverted, they are the ones that experience the cars driving backwards because for them time is moving in the opposite direction and thus the cars return to where they were the moment before continuously seeming to go backwards.

It's basically like playing a movie, you watch it play out in a specific way but if you hit the rewind button you will see the events play out exactly the same, only this time backwards. You cannot alter or change them because that is how they happened and thus the characters in the film are very much like us, viewers, seeing things play out.

Now this idea of predestinations and things always happening the way that they're supposed to very much plays into the first real Temporal Pincer that we see.

A Temporal Pincer is basically the idea that one can use knowledge of the present and past and then invert and go into the past and participate in the events exactly how it happened.

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