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100 TENET Easter Eggs And Things You Missed | Fan Theories, Ending Explained & Full Movie Breakdown

Heavy Spoilers

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Published on Dec 01, 2020
100 TENET Easter Eggs, Things You Missed, Insane Details, Fan Theories, Ending Explained And Full Movie Breakdown. We review the easter eggs, best fan theories, things you missed and ending of Tenet to explain the best things you missed in the Christopher Nolan movie.

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I'm your host Paul aka the guy who's puns are a Tenet of Ten and this video we're breaking down 100 of the easter eggs that we noticed whilst watching Tenet.

Now the movie very much revolves around the idea of palindromes. In case you don't know what one is it's basically something that is exactly the same forwards as it is backwards.
The idea of this is not only present in the title but it's also present in the journey that the characters go on throughout the movie as they nagivate time.
However, it also extends beyond this and the movie itself is a palindrome. The film starts with an Opera house siege and the final battle actually takes place the exact same time that this is going on making for one big journey exactly the same forwards as it is backwards.
We learn that Neil has actually been moving backwards through time whilst The Protagonist has been moving forward, thus the entire movie itself is one big temporal pincer to stop Sator.
Now we've already done a big breakdown on why Neil might actually be the son of Kat but here are the basic cliffnotes incase you missed it. Firstly we're told very clearly that Tenet agents should learn very little about each other however Neil knows what The Protagonist likes to drink.
Due to his friendship with Kat, if Neil was her son Max then the pair would likely meet after the end of the film when all the loose ends were tied up so that they could start their friendship which is something that Neil alludes to in the finale.
He also says when this is all over you can learn my life story and it is possible that after The Protagonist killed Priyah that he went to meet the pair.
One of the first things that Neil asks The Protagonist is if he would take a child hostage and he then follows this up with "what about a woman?" clearly highlighting the mother and son relationship that Kat and Max have.
After Kat is shot Neil spends a lot of time with her even though he's not a medic showing that the two may have a realtionship we don't know about.
The character has a masters in physics which he would have if he was guided by the Protagonist who would know that he needed to get one.
Neil can also speak Estonian and he has a british accent so if he was the son of Kat and Sator then the child would likely be bi-lingual and learn how to talk from them. Pattinson actually put on a fake accent for the film, which again shows that he made a conscious choice to sound similar to Kat.
When Kat first meets The Protagonist she remarks on his clothes and can clearly see through his disguise, stating that he doesn't look like a billionaire even though he's trying to come across like one. Neil dresses very well which potentially is something that he picked up from his mother.

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