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Dan Gibson's Qiblah Theory | Dr. Shabir Ally

Let the Quran Speak

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Published on Jun 11, 2021
Dan Gibson claims that the qiblah, or direction of prayer, was originally towards Petra, but was later changed to Mecca. Dr. Shabir Ally explains that Gibson does not have scholarly competence to make such claims, and he references scathing academic critiques of Gibson's work by respected scholars Michael Lecker and David King.

Dr Shabir says there were thousands of eyewitnesses to the fact that qiblah was towards the ka'bah. There is no historical record of Petra being mentioned as a place of qiblah. And Muslims disputed about minutae, with records of these disputes included in old works. If Gibson's claims are true, it is difficult to understand why there is no record of a faction of Muslims refusing to change the qiblah. Dr. Shabir ends by explaining why some mosques seem to face Petra. He says that early Muslims did not have the accurate astronomical and scientific tools we have today, but they sincerely tried to face the ka'bah as best they could.

0:00 Intro to Dan Gibson’s work by host Dr. Safiyyah Ally
0:47 Academic critiques of his work (Michael Lecker, David King)
4:00 Gibson’s scholarly competence (or lack thereof)
7:29 There are no historical records validating his claims
10:44 There were thousands of eyewitnesses to the fact that the qiblah was towards the ka’bah
12:09 Why it seems that some mosques were facing Petra

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