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Letter L Songs, Letter L Song, Letter L, Alphabet Letter Song, Kids Learn Phonics Lesson Song

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Published on Feb 08, 2021
letter l songs
letter l songs
letter l songs
letter l songs
letter l songs
All day long!

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Thumbnail art by Cards Cafe by Violet

Mariel Martinez and Chad Addison are professional actors/performers based in Los Angeles

Zernul Shackelford jr. is a professional videographer, editor, animator, and musician (and occasional actor when Mr. B. asks him).

Kira is an L.A. based D.J.; Eric gets the dance party going. Link to her Spotify is at the Mr. B's Brain website linked here.

Forward with Fun creates simple, hands-on learning, for kids 4-5. NO worksheets: transform learning time with learning games.

Tiny Visionaries, LLC, are licensed daycare providers serving families with children ages 0-5 in the West Hollywood, CA area

Raj is Raj and is a tremendous volunteer for the school at which Mr. B. teaches.

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letter l song
letter l song
letter l song
letter l song
letter l song
letter l
letter l
letter l
letter l
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