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In-Depth Bristol Myers Squibb Stock Analysis! | Huge Growth Potential

Stock Investment Analysis

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Published on Jul 26, 2020
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Welcome to a new Stock Investment Analysis Video. Today we are doing an in-depth analysis of a stock I have been buying in July, Bristol Myers Squibb. This pharmaceutical company is looking ahead to huge future growth, and I am investing to cash in. Make sure you watch to the end as I will be covering earnings, dividends, valuation, growth, debt, revenues, margins, and the company’s future. Subscribe and hit the bell so you never miss a future video. Also, make sure to like the video as these videos take me a ton of time to create, and I would love to get them out to more people who are interested.

Using Fast Graphs, Finbox, and Fidelity, I analyze Bristol Myers Squibb’s Company Characteristics, Historical Growth, Forecasted Growth, Dividends, Returns, Valuation, Margins, and Company Safety. Within those categories, I analyze a large number of variables including: price to earnings ratio, price to sales ratio, price to free cash flow ratio, price to book ratio, dividend, dividend yield, debt to equity ratio, fair value, target price, forward pe, the PEG ratio, EPS, EPS growth, dividend growth, return on assets (ROA), return on equity (ROE), return on investment (ROI), normal PE, forward price to sales, interest coverage, short term debt coverage, debt paydown yield, current ratio, and quick ratio. I compare Bristol Myers’ stock to its own history and as well as to the industry. I also analyze Bristol Myers’ business, diversification across drugs, risks, and future prospects. This video focuses on Bristol Myers Squibb Stock, the Bristol Myers Squibb Stock price, and Bristol Myers stock growth. For those who are interested in dividend growth stocks, growth stocks, and dividend growth investing, this is a great dividend growth stock to invest in. BMY stock is an interesting investment opportunity so I encourage you all to do your own research on BMY stock.

What are your thoughts? Are you investing in BMY? Let me know in the comments below where you see this company going and where you intend to invest your money. I look forward to hearing from you. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell, so you never miss a future. As always, good luck with your investing!

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