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25 Hidden Details In Disney Live Action Movies


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Published on Jun 07, 2021
Things You Missed In These Disney Movies!

Did you spot all of these hidden details in Disney live-action movies? There was a special appearance in Cruella, a Little Mermaid moment in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, and secrets hidden in music boxes in Beauty and the Beast. Disney Princess dresses snuck their way into the background of one scene in Cinderella, and Aladdin was full of easy to miss moments, with everyone from the Genie to Magic Carpet getting in on the action.

Hidden details in costumes can make all the difference. Pay close attention to Mulan, Maleficent, Aurora and the Mad Hatter’s wardrobes. You also might not have noticed that some of Emma Stone’s fashion moments as Cruella de Vil were more similar to another actress who played the iconic Disney villain.

Disney films that have yet to get live-action remakes also get shout outs. For example, there are tons of 101 Dalmatians references in Cruella, and a Hunchback of Notre Dame reference in Beauty and the Beast. Lion King went way back to the original to give Timon an even better performance of one of the film’s best songs, and The Jungle Book reused a prop from the original in the live-action version. Can you guess which Disney movie had Snow White featured in the background? And did you notice a number on Casey Jr. in the Dumbo remake that pays homage to the original? Don’t worry if you didn’t, because we’ve got your back. Here are all the best hidden details in Disney’s live-action films.


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Written by: Courtney Hayes
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: Olena L

For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
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