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Firing A Giant Firework Rocket

2.5K views | 1 month ago

Working on a Video Game Trailer

1.1K views | 1 month ago

Wiring Peter’s Tiny House

1.3K views | 2 months ago

Changing My T100 Rotors

885 views | 2 months ago

I almost went bankrupt

2.3K views | 4 months ago

Why I haven’t posted a video

2.6K views | 6 months ago

Buying Pallet Racking For My Shop

1.7K views | 7 months ago

Last Day At My Job - Whats Next?

2.7K views | 7 months ago

Another Day Injection Molding

1.4K views | 7 months ago

How I Got This New Job

2.1K views | 7 months ago

Final Setup of Laser - New Job

1.4K views | 8 months ago

Wedding - Best Man For The Day

1.2K views | 8 months ago
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