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The fantastic* BIQU H2 extruder/hot end - (*IF you get a good one)

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Published on Jun 18, 2021
The BIQU H2 should be a E3D Hemera killer. Smaller and lighter for less money. The only problem is, some of them are lemons. In this guide and test I try out five to get a better picture as to their reliability.

The XChange system from has just started shipping. THe H2 was a great match with two custom tool plate holes. There are also mounts available below to fit the H2 to a stock machine.

The H2 this video started with was originally supplied free of charge by BTT. They also supplied a free replacement. In addition to this, I purchased another with my own money for comparison. All opinions expressed are my own. If you get a working one they are pretty damn good. I you don’t, make sure Bigtreetech supply a replacement.

Purchase the H2 from Amazon:
Purchase the H2 from Aliexpress:
Purchase the metal heat break from Aliexpress:

0:00 Introduction
Previous video testing BIQU BX prototypes:

0:45 Specifications and unboxing
BTT product page and technical information:
Previous video on fitting the Hemera to an Ender 3:
Previous video on fitting the Hemera to a CR-10 Max:

2:51 Disassembly & comparison with E3D Hemera, Bondtech LGX
Bondtech LGX video:

5:27 Standard mounting options
BTT mount downloads:
Creality CR-10/Ender mount on Thingiverse:

6:14 XChange update and mounting
Previous XChange video:
Paste extruder printing Nutella:
XChange Kickstarter update page:
Printermods XChange GitHub page:
My printed wire clip and drilling jig:

8:28 Part cooling solution
5015 fan duct (original):
5015 fan duct (remix):

10:00 Firmware and slicer setup
BTT product page and technical information:
My free troubleshooting page (reverse extruder direction if necessary):

10:45 Calibration
My free calibration website (PID autotune, E-steps, flow, retraction tower, etc):

11:29 Reliability issues

13:22 Reliability testing results

14:38 Print results

15:26 Conclusion: Much more potential!

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