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23 Free Prints For Beginners (That Don't Suck)

3D Printed Tabletop

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Published on Mar 20, 2021
Here's a list to help you jump into 3D printing (especially for tabletop games) - along with why I think these are awesome starter prints.

1:19 1. Multipurpose Container (by ZeusAndHisBeard):
02:11 2. Tabletop Condition Indicators (by thelukec):
03:01 3. Orc with spear (by BriteMinis):
4. Orc scout/archer 28mm (by BriteMinis):
5. Orc with axe 28mm (by BriteMinis):
03:26 6. Lost Adventures Bugbear (by Lost Adventures Co.):
04:04 7. Life Counter (by Scottimus):
05:26 8. Fate's End Dice Tower (by Kimbolt):
06:20 9. Spiral Dice Tower Box (by aclugston519):
07:32 10. Large Can Holder, Barrel (by ArsMoriendi3D):
11. Large Can Holder, Lion's Brew Mug (by ArsMoriendi3D):
08:02 12. Lost Adventures Tree (by Lost Adventures Co.):
08:22 13. Tree for Gloomhaven (by Robagon) -
08:46 14-17. Rock Formations (by Makers Anvil):
08:57 18-20. Ruined Town (by Maker's Anvil):
21. Ruined House (by Maker's Anvil):
10:08 22. ClickLock Dungeon Tiles (by Daandruff):
11:09 23. DungeonSticks (by Ecaroth/EC3D Designs):

Additional Minis From Vae Victis Miniatures:

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