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DJI MasterShots: How it actually works!

DC Rainmaker

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Published on Apr 23, 2021
DJI Air 2S In-Depth Review:
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MasterShots is a new feature on the Air 2S and new to DJI in general. Essentially, you point it at an object, and it creates a short video showcasing said object. For example, a castle or a windmill. In my below example, I show how it works on both static objects - like a windmill, and then moving objects - like a boat.

With MasterShots you give it a few parameters on whether you want low/medium/high for height and distance, as well as duration. Then it goes off for about 2-3 minutes and collects a boatload of shots. Essentially it’s doing a ‘greatest hits’ album of QuickShots, one after another. At first this might seem kinda silly, as nobody wants to watch 3-minutes of b-roll of the same object. But once it’s done it’ll compile a 15-second highlight reel timed to music. During this entire time period, you do nothing but ensure it doesn’t hit anything (which, it will, in my experience – even in normal mode).

0:00 Intro
0:19 Important settings to configure
1:58 Changing resolutions to 4K
2:27 MasterShot Options
3:31 Demo of MasterShot moves
5:24 Completed 15s video
5:40 Template options
6:50 The 4K B-Roll Export
7:47 The Best Farm Tree Ever
8:29 A Failboat of Sorts
9:37 Wrap-up


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