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Legion: Michael arrives HD CLIP

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Published on Mar 15, 2021
What’s happening in this movie clip?
Michael (Paul Bettany from The Avengers) arrives at the diner and the group is suspicious. Bob (Dennis Quaid from Dragonheart) asks him to show his teeth and they see that he has no shark teeth like the old woman that has attacked them. Michael understands that the group is not aware of what is happening, and when he says that there is not much time left, Bob threatens him with his rifle and orders him to step back. Michael takes the rifle and points it at Bob's head. Percy (Charles S. Dutton from The Piano Lesson) arrives and convinces him to let Bob go. Michael puts down the rifle and tells them that "they" are coming. The group doesn't seem to understand while Michael is arming them and tells everybody to go inside. Everyone starts to barricade the diner.

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What’s the movie about?
A group of strangers in a diner find themselves surrounded by demonic forces. Their only chance for survival lies in Michael (Paul Bettany from Wandavision and The Avengers), an archangel. He informs the waitress that her unborn child is humanity’s last hope.

Credits: © 2010 Bold Films, LP. All Rights Reserved.

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