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ZILLIQA: Should I buy ZIL? Belong in my Crypto Portfolio? $ZIL worth it? + Price Predictions


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Published on Jun 14, 2021
#Zilliqa $ZIL #ZilWorthIt #ZilliqaPricePredictions

0:00 The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:10 IA Token Valuation Process

1:00 What it Does
Like ETH, ZIL is a Smart Contracts platform

First public blockchain to effectively implement sharding
Sharding - A blockchain architecture that divides the mining network into smaller groups in order to process transactions in parallel
Sharding allows the blockchain to scale horizontally
Zilliqa with 3,600 nodes, can process 2,800 TPS vs Eth with 25,000 nodes and can only process 15 TPS
Sharding allows the blockchain to scale horizontally as it grows, theoretically, the more nodes added to the network the faster the network can process transactions.

2:10 What it Does - Think ETH, XTZ and ADA

3:00 ZIL Has a Great Social Buzz
In terms of DeFi ZIL has 4th highest social buzz

3:30 Background
Founder and Board Member: Prateek Saxena
Current President: Amrit Kumar
Saxena - Published paper on design for a sharding focused blockchain in 2016
Was research project in National University of SG
Zilliqa Research incorporated in June 2017
To transform digital infrastructure with its speedy and cost-effective blockchain platform

4:30 How it Plays
Seeks to build a decentralized and public blockchain platform capable of meeting the demand of a global payment network
Traditional blockchains vs Zilliqa’s blockchain:
Traditional: As more nodes are added the harder it is to reach consensus. As the blockchain grows, propagating blocks take longer, making it slower to process transactions
Zilliqa: Through sharding, divides the work across the nodes. The more nodes added equals more resources to do the work. Allowing the network to increase speed as it increases in size.
[2] Zilliqa Whitepaper. Page 1.

5:00 Scales as the size of the network grows
[1] “Zilliqa: Our Platform.”

5:20 Scorecard Ranking
Smart-Contracts Platforms Market Cap Rankings:
Note I own ETH, ADA, SOL MATIC ALGO and ZIL - you can see where my focus is.
Scorecard Ranking

A crowded playing field….
ZIL is #67

6:50 Industry Disruption
Positioning to become the preferred large-scale public blockchain of choice for corporate banking and crypto finance Smart-contracts platform allows users to build distributed advertising networks, gaming, entertainment, financial services, and payments Zilliqa’s aims to rival VISA and MasterCard as a payment network

7:00 Growth Opportunities

8:00 Value Propositions
The first blockchain to successfully implement sharding, which could revolutionize the way blockchains are architected
Potentially solves the blockchain bloat problem
Theoretically no limit to the number of transactions per second
Even Ethereum is adopting sharding as it’s most signature scaling solution design for Eth 2.0

9:00 Technology & Developers
Scilla - Zilliqa’s functional programming language developed by Zilliqa team to allow developers to build smart contracts on the platform
Scilla vs Solidity:
Scilla’s imposes strict structure and separately defined components, the focus is security

10:00 Tokenomics
Zilliqa has two distinct coins: ZIL and gZIL.
ZIL usage: [1]
Finite supply of 21 billion
Used to incentivize miners via block rewards
Used to pay for transaction fees
gZIL usage: [2]
Finite supply of ~722K
Newly launched token where ZIL holders can earn gZIL for staking on nodes within the Zilliqa network
Governance token - holders can vote on proposals and initiatives
21 Billion ZIL tokens

11:30 Ecosystem

About 10 Dapps built on Zilliqa

Most prominent Dapp is Unstoppable domain's .zil domains, web3 domains that route crypto addresses into human-readable form as an NFT
ZILHive - Zilliqa’s own startup incubator has supported 70+ projects through grants, incubation, and mentorship

12:00 Longevity

12:30 Risks
Zilliqa is playing in the crowded space of decentralized smart contracts platforms that seek to displace Ethereum.

13:30 Price Prediction

16:30 Where to Buy
Many options, in fact today

17:00 Conclusion

Zilliqa is a unique platform blockchain, first to implement sharding
Its innovative tech allows for the ability to leverage the size of the network to increase the speed at which it processes transactions
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