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Never do THIS to your Toyota Hybrid New edition!

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Published on Jan 02, 2021
Through my experience as a Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician, these are 5 things that I see hybrid owners do to their hybrid cars that you should never do.

Please Don't do this to your Toyota Hybrid. I discuss 5 things you should not do to your Toyota hybrid or any hybrid model in general. I also explain why you shouldn't do them in detail.

First issue is Don't spill large amounts of water over the back seat or over the area where the hybrid battery is

Second issue is Don't leave the fuel door on your Toyota hybrid open for more than 30 minutes before refueling.

Third issue is Don't use B-Mode or engine braking in your Toyota hybrid when not needed. It not only decreases your gas mileage but it also puts stress on the hybrid system.

Fourth issue is Never overfill your Toyota hybrid with engine oil. This goes for every car but for hybrids it's worse as they tend to pool the oil in the intake.

Fifth issue is Never jump start another non hybrid car from your Toyota hybrid. You can however jump start another Toyota hybrid without issues.

And as a Bonus for the awesome viewers that watch this video to the end I show you how to jump start most Toyota hybrids.

This applies to all Toyota and Lexus hybrid models including Camry Hybrid Avalon hybrid Highlander hybrid Corolla Hybrid Prius Prius c Prius v RAV4 hybrid RAV4 prime Prius prime 2021 Toyota Venza hybrid 2021 Toyota Sienna hybrid and more.

Questions? Comment or email please note that it takes me sometime to get back to you via email but I always will in the end.

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