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Cool Prints 8 // Flexible Functional 3D Prints + Rage-Proofing my Game Controller

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Published on Jul 01, 2021
3D printing is constantly saving my belongings when something goes wrong. It's just about the handiest hobby around, and in this video I'll share a bunch of functional prints, as well as show off some exciting new flexible filaments!

STL Files:
• Tourbillon Mechanica Tri-Axial by Mechanistic :
• 8Bitdo Controller Thumbstick Covers :
• 8Bitdo Controller Faceplate :
• 8Bitdo SN30 Pro+Controller Triggers :
• 8Bitdo Controller Pegboard Mount :
• Foot Pedal Camera Shutter Release :
• Guitar Wall Mount Hanger :

Shopping List:
• NinjaFlex TPU Flexible Filament :
- or on Amazon:
• Fillamentum FlexFill TPU :
• SainSmart TPU :
• Devin Montes Cool Grey Recycled PETG :
• 8BitDO SN30 Pro+ Game Controller :
• Sovol SV-01 3D Printer :
• Snapmaker Classic 3D Printer :
• Artillery Genius 3D Printer :
• Camera Remote Shutter Release :
• Zendure 26800mAh Portable Battery Pack :

Sorry the other flexible filaments are as of yet unavailable!

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Thanks to Chef Goyar-D for the music:
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