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Love knows no border | "RHINOS" - Awarded Short Film by Shimmy Marcus

KIS KIS - keep it short

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Published on Mar 20, 2018
This short film tells the story of a young couple, Ingrid and Thomas, thrown together by circumstance, who despite a language barrier, learn more about each other than they thought possible over the course of a few eventful hours. While Ingrid is vivacious, carefree, and full of life, Thomas is reserved, introverted, and bashful. But during their time together, they learn to communicate in many ways other than language and help each other resolve problems in their own lives.

This short film won following awards:
- Best Film - Audience Award - 27th European Short Film Festival at Brest
- Best Foreign Short Film - Audience Award Cork Film Festival
- Best Short - Audience Award - Green Bay Film Festival
- Best Short - Audience Award - Cine Gael Montreal
- Best Short Film Irish Film & TV Awards Nomination
- 2nd Best Short Film Foyle Film Festival
- 3rd Best Short - Audience Award Chicago Irish Film Festival


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Original title - RHINOS
Director - Shimmy Marcus
Producers - Shimmy Marcus, Ciara Gillan
Stars - Fionn Walton, Aylin Tezel, Cal Kenealy
Year - 2012

© Licensed by MAGNETFILM

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