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New Information πŸ’₯ Tesla Battery Investor Day πŸ”‹

The Limiting Factor

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Published on Apr 19, 2020
Table of contents at 00:30. Watch at 1.25X if you are battery savvy. This final video in the Tesla Battery Investor Series where I make corrections, respond to comments, provide new updates and information, and brief closing thoughts.

Topics include the LNMO chemistry tested by Judith Alvarado, Effects of cell diameter on energy density, batteries and vehicle structure, Sila, Nano One, SilLion, NA 9505 chemistry, Titanium single crystal coatings, Jeff Dahn's Million Mile Battery, Maxwell Dry Battery Electrode (DBE), the triangle heat dilemma, battery coolings systems, a cell restack, a potential Nobel Prize for Jeff Dahn, an example agenda for Battery Day, and my thoughts on whether Panasonic or Tesla will end their partnership at Giga Nevada.

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