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V8 Quattro Rally: Audi's Ultimate Send-It Machine | RadVentures


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Published on Mar 19, 2021
The name ‘Quattro’ has been synonymous with rally and ski communities since the early 80’s. On the world stage, Audi changed rallying history forever when they developed the Quattro driveline.

When Stig Blomqvist claimed the driver and manufacturer world rally titles in 1984 for Audi, it rendered rear-wheel-drive obsolete in competition, and opened up a new future for the Quattro driveline on a consumer level. Audi marketed heavily to outdoor adventure enthusiasts, so growing up, Ryan lusted after the adventure car with four circles on the grille.

The Audi 4000 Quattro was the test mule for their all-wheel-drive platform. Ryan takes a trip down memory lane, driving a stock 1986 4000CS on a snowy day. The Quattro easily plows through the rough road conditions to a secret parking spot where Ryan accesses his favorite mogul runs.

But it’s not just all historic Audi in this one. The Quattro platform is still alive and well, and robust enough to handle some modern power. Ryan drives a proper Audi 80 Rally Car recently imported from Latvia. It’s secret: There’s a 1998 A8 V8 motor under the hood and, boy, does it rip the gravel roads!

Vehicles Featured:
1986 Audi 4000CS quattro (Owner: Keanna Erickson-Chang)
1984 Audi 80 quattro (Owner: Aris Mantopoulos)

Episode chapters:
00:00 Introduction - RadVentures
00:28 Why Ryan likes snow days
01:01 1986 Audi 4000 Quattro overview
02:17 The birth of Audi Quattro (and rally life)!
03:38 Do you even rally, bro?
04:09 Rally Driving 101
04:44 Motor matters
05:52 Audi 4000 specs/walkaround
06:59 Audi 4000 driving impressions
07:47 Ski like it’s '93
08:15 Fly like an eagle
08:42 What’s that orange thing?
08:53 1984 Audi 80 Quattro aka “Cheeto”
09:41 Cheeto driving impressions
10:38 Yeah, I rally, bro.
11:36 Cheeto specs/walkaround
13:39 Nighttime rally driving
14:00 Credits

Written by: Ryan Symancek and Chris Szczypala
Director of Photography: Chris Szczypala (@chris_szczypala)
Camera Operators: Chris Szczypala, Ryan Symancek
Production Assistant: Steve Lizotte (@stevelizotte15)
Editor: Ryan Symancek (@ryansymancek)
Color and Sound: William Schultz (@editwilliam)
Location Coordination: Chris Duplessis (@cduplessis70)
Special Thanks: Monticello Motor Club (@monticellomotorclub), Keanna Erickson-Chang (@keannaechang), Danny Zicarelli (@dzdoit), Aris Mantopoulos (@aropedo), Constantine Mantopoulos (@quattromotion_racing)

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