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Building an Epic DIY 3D Printer: Voron 2.4 with Mods!

Dr. D-Flo

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Published on Aug 15, 2021
Voron 2.4:
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After Burner Mod:
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How to Build a 3D Printer:
About CoreXY:
Removing Twist:

CoreXY 3D printers, like Voron 2, are some of the most challenging 3D printers to build. But once successfully assembled, this type of 3D printer is incredibly fast. In some cases, a coreXY 3D printer can print twice or even three times as fast as a normal cartesian printer (e.g., Ender 3 and Prusa i3). The secret behind this printer’s speed is a unique timing belt path that relocates both the X and Y motors off the print head. Consequently, the print head is extremely light, allowing it to change directions rapidly.

In this video, Dr. D-Flo will cover the fundamentals of coreXY kinematics, while building Voron 2.4. This printer is as epic as it sounds. Voron 2 has a flying gantry, which is hoisted in the air by 4 timing belts that are independently driven. This unique Z-axis setup allows the printer to move the corners of its gantry up and down until it is perfectly level with the build plate. This process is known as 4-point leveling or Quad Gantry Leveling (QGL) and takes all the manual work out of bed leveling.

In addition to its sophisticated features like QGL, Voron 2 rocks a sleek design that includes a full enclosure with exhaust fan. This allows Voron 2 to print ABS with ease. But the best part about the Voron-class of printers is that each design, including Voron 2, comes with a manual and full CAD model. These resources greatly facilitate the DIY process, and this video will fill in any small gaps and missing information from those docs.

Finally, Dr. D-Flo will expand the capability of his Voron 2 by installing the AB-BN afterburner (i.e., a larger blower fan assembly for increased part cooling) and Klicky – a magnetic microswitch that functions as a probe that can be docked when not in use.

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Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
01:44 – About Voron Design
02:46 – Hardware & 3D Printed Parts
08:32 – Frame
12:02 – Linear Rails
16:30 – Z-Axis Drives
22:40 – Heated Build Plate
24:00 – Flying Gantry
33:53 – CoreXY Kinematics
36:48 – Prove (Klicky)
42:22 – Extrusion Drive
45:07 – Afterburner (AB-BN)
48:45 – Print Head
49:27 – Wiring
58:00 – Electronics
1:06:23 – Quad Gantry Leveling (QGL)
1:09:30 – Enclosure
1:12:36 – Printing
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