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Weird Printers & Good Bye Dragon Hotend - The Meltzone Podcast Ep45

The Meltzone Podcast

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Published on Apr 30, 2021
This episode is full of weird 3D printers, starting with a 3D printing simulation from Spee3D. Tom and Stefan further talk about a new dynamic build platform concept to reduce the support amount and a Japanese project that converts a 3D printer into a production line plus the Thermorph concept that allows automatically folding 3D prints using a smart combination of PLA and TPU. Then they discuss the morality of selling a community firmware as their own and that the popular Dragon Hotends that seems to be wiped from the market as a result of SliceEngineerings patent on it. The Q&A section covers the question of when slicers will finally support real CAD data in the form of STEP or IGES files.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
3D printing simulator:
Dynamic build platform:
3D printer/printing production line:
Creality firmware as “own development”:
Slice engineering vs dragon hotend:

00:00 Episode 45
09:39 3D Printing Simulator
17:00 Dynamic build platform
27:00 3D printer/printing production line
34:00 Thermorph
39:30 Wren Uni-Wheel crash
47:30 Creality firmware as “own development”
57:00 Slice engineering vs dragon hotend
01:19:40 STEP vs STL
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