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AIRBNB STOCK - Will I Buy AirBnB IPO in 2020?

Sean Solo Invests

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Published on Sep 01, 2020
AIRBNB STOCK - Will I Buy AirBnB IPO in 2020?

A couple of weeks ago AirBnB filed with the SEC to have an IPO in 2020. What that means is we can soon buy AirBnB stock! In this video I will talk about the AirBnB IPO and how the company has faired during the illness and the first half of 2020. I will then talk about why I'm so optimistic about AirBnB and talk about a few of its challenges.

Will I buy Air BnB Stock? I'm very bullish about this company and I think it will do very well and disrupt the hotel industry. I'm excited to own some AirBnB Stock.

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Intro (0:00)
AirBnB News & IPO (0:39)
Good Things About AirBnB (4:38)
Challenges for AirBnB (6:47)
Conclusion (9:17)

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I am not a certified financial planner, I am just sharing things that I've learned through my own experience and hope it helps you out.

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