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12 3D printed tools you need for your workshop

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Published on Mar 09, 2021
3D printing can be incredibly useful! In this video I take you through some amazing workshop tools provided by the community for you to 3D print for free. The next time your non-3D printing maker buddies tease your 3Dbenchy collection, break out some of these gems.

Please share your favourite 3D printable tools in the comments below!

0:00 Introduction
V-roller bearing extractor:
Bearing extractor video:

1:09 Centre finding tools
Centre finder (straight):
Centre finder (circular):
Centre finder (drilling):

4:27 Measurement tools:
Metric screw measuring device:
Fillet gauge:
Angle measuring tool:
Lockable contour gauge:

9:22 Sanding and painting:
Mini sanding block:
Paint cones:

11:32 Striking and cutting:
Thwack V3 easier print remix:
Tube cutter:

13:48 Clamping:
Mini machine vise:
Nano vise:
Kant twist clamp:
Kant twist assembly video:

16:06 The next level!:
Hand held drill press:
Dremel drill press:
Transformable Dremel table saw / disc sander / shaper:

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