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POLYGON: Critical to own? $MATIC worth it? Detailed study w Price Predictions thru 2032


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Published on May 31, 2021
#Polygon $MATIC #MaticWorthIt #Ethereum #MATICPricePredictions

0:00 Intro
0:10 The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry.

0:20 IA Token Valuation Process

1:00 Matic Network designed to scale Ethereum, improve the usability, reduce transaction fees, while not compromising on decentralization
Utilizes Proof-of-Stake side chains to horizontally scale Ethereum
The theoretical capacity of millions of TPS by building out more sidechains

1:09 What it Does
Matic Whitepaper.
Co-Founders: Jaynti Kanani, Anurag Arjun, Sandeep Nailwal

1:30 Background
It is a Layer 2 Solution that does everything EIP 1559 seeks to do
In other words, Polygon is Ethereum 2.0
Critical for the new inter-chain world
But we will always need a reliable Layer 1

2:04 How it Plays
Seeks to scale Ethereum horizontally through Layer 2 side chains
Blockchain bloat caused by each node having to keep the entire history of the blockchain

3:00 Solution:
Creates layer 2 side chains that submit snapshots of its state to the primary layer at periodic checkpoints. Proof-of-Stake Consensus - Validators rewarded for publishing summaries of block transactions to Ethereum. These summaries are the checkpoints
Ethereum like Supreme Court, side chains like lower courts. Don’t need
Creates a layer 2 side chains that submit snapshots of its state to primary layer at periodic checkpoints. Proof-of-Stake Consensus - Validators rewarded for publishing summaries of block transactions to Ethereum. These summaries are the checkpoints.
scale Primary layer only needs to store data from the previous checkpoint.

3:53 Scorecard Ranking
Layer 2 scaling solutions space.
Source: Coinmarketcap

4:30 Benchmark Ranking
Polygon is clear leader in space offering ETH compatibility, scalability, security etc.
and others, not all offered by alternative scaling solutions.

5:00 Industry Disruption
Matic Network has been the scaling choice for many projects building on Ethereum: Chainlink, MakerDAO, Thorchain, Decentraland, OpenSea and more
Polygon powers Dapps in multiple industries including: Dexes,

5:30 Value Propositions
Horizontal scaling can scale to millions of transactions per second, keep block times under 2 seconds, and allow for multiple payment channels for micro-payments

6:30 Technology & Developers
Polygon has over 90 dapps built on it including DEXs, gaming, and NFTs
7 million transactions from over 200K unique users over the past year
Proof-of-Stake consensus with over $200M worth of Matic staked

7:00 Tokenomics
Matic token demand:
Users require Matic to pay transaction fees to the validators and to utilize Polygon’s service layers
Validators require Matic to stake in order to receive block rewards and transaction fees for verifying blocks

8:00 Tokenomics
10B fixed total supply with 6.2B in circulation
~45% of tokens held by foundation, team, advisors, and seed
Early tokens have a 3 year vesting with unlocks every 6 months
Though supply is fixed, 1B tokens enter circulation every six months due to vesting unlocks

9:00 Partners of Note:
The Graph

9:30 GVP BigQuery enables developers to analyse on-chain data on Polygon
Google Cloud Marketplace under the public financial services category
Insights from the 6 million-plus daily transactions on its blockchain

9:45 Longevity and Track Record
Polygon / Matic has its roots in Vitalik’s Plasma
2017 founded, to improve Ethereum infrastructure
2019 Matic selected to be launched on Binance Launchpad
2021 rebranded as Polygon
Listed on Coinbase
Hosted 200-300 hackathons in India

10:18 Growth Opportunities
Polygon is one-stop-shop for developers in order to integrate with ETH

11:00 Risks
Reliance on the growth and continued use of Ethereum is double edged. Polygon trying to position itself to be blockchain agnostic, but little proof case of it using other blockchains acting as settlement layer

11:50 Price Prediction
On a tear since April .30 to 1.8
1c in Nov and 100x since Jan
Perfect fib retracement patterns showing historical support levels
Unclear if unlocks are impacting price

6 Analysts
Range from $5 avg in 2021 to $30 in 2032.
Some don’t take into account supply glut in 2021 and 2022
Price Prediction

13:30 IA Price Prediction
My thesis is 5% of ETH Market Cap
3 Scenarios - low medium and high
I take into account dilution in 2021 and 2022
Ranges from $3 to $32 in 2030 - very much in line w CP Forecast

16:00 Conclusion
Polygon has an immediate use case of scaling the Ethereum network, a constant problem for Ethereum

Fixed Supply
Clear leader
Widely adopted
Many use cases
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