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10 Signs People Don't Like You


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Published on Jan 19, 2019
How to know if someone doesn't like you? Figuring out exactly how somebody feels about you is not always easy. But even though people can fake a smile and talk sweet talk, their body language and behavior never lie! Today we're going to tell you about all the main red flags that clearly show that someone secretly can't stand you.

Have you ever noticed, for example, that some people never look in the eye? If you and the person you’re talking to lack it, your connection is obviously not as good as you may think. They're afraid that you'll see their true feelings in their eyes, so they try to hide them as much as possible.

They keep their distance 0:41
The tone of their voice gives them away 1:29
They never listen 2:18
They fake a smile 3:07
They compress their lips 3:52
They rarely look you in the eye 4:51
They turn their feet away from you 5:32
They scratch their neck 6:19
Their arms and hands say it all 7:00
They don't mirror your body language 8:00

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- Giving each other enough personal space is great, but when someone deliberately tries to keep as far away from you as possible, it can't be good.
- It's no secret that we can easily control the tone of our voice. However, when we're talking to people we don't like, our friendly tone quickly goes away.
- If you always find yourself in one-sided conversations with another person, it's a major sign that they aren't that interested in you or your life and don't really feel anything positive toward you.
- Psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman says that a genuine smile involves tons of facial muscles. That means you can always see lines form around a person's eyes when they find something truly funny or are genuinely smiling.
- According to Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent, body language expert, and the author of “The Dictionary of Body Language,” compressed lips signify one thing: a person feels deeply uncomfortable around you.
- When you see someone looking at you but turning both their feet and torso away, it's a strong sign of “ventral denial,” a.k.a. discomfort!
- When the person you’re talking to is sitting with their hands on their lap, it shows their friendly attitude and willingness to absorb new information. But if they put their hands on the armrests of their chair, they aren't too excited about the conversation.
- Dr. Jack Schafer, a professor at Western Illinois University, states that people who like one another often mirror each other's body positions and facial expressions.

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