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Why New Cars Keep FAILING the Moose Test

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Published on Sep 17, 2021
Thanks to KM77 for use of their footage, there are loads of Moose Tests here!

🔴 Why New Cars Keep Failing This Crash Test -

This is the Moose Test, and strangely, many new cars are failing it. Either rolling up on two wheels, spinning, understeering straight on - or rolling over completely.

It’s a test that was made famous by Tekneekens Vard, a Swedish motoring magazine. And they have put hundreds of cars through the test, to ensure that their handling is good enough to be safe on the road.

You can watch the Teknikens Värld videos here -

Now, you would have thought that the grip and handling of cars was getting better, not worse. So, I’ve done some digging to find out what’s going on.


The Moose Test measures a car’s cornering ability and resistance to rolling over. You basically weave through a set of cones that replicate swerving to avoid something in the road, like a Moose - giving the test its name. Obviously, this is common in Sweden, where the test was invented.

This may seem a little irrelevant to those of us who aren’t in countries that have Moose roaming around, however, it’s similar to a pedestrian stepping out into the road, or a car driving out from a blind junction.

The test is done on a dry surface while having the car fully loaded up with people and luggage. Definitely putting the car in the worst-case scenario.

And in terms of cornering, the test is really aggressive. A lot of the cars complete the test at around 40 to 50 miles per hour - and whilst this doesn’t sound like a lot - speaking from experience, the turns are extremely tight.

You have to wind on a lot of steering angle, then unwind it, before doing the same in the other direction. A scenario that doesn’t happen too much on the road, but it certainly can.

⭕ Testing ABS vs No ABS

⭕ Moose Test of Audi RS5 vs RS7

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