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Sadhguru explains the essence of life and ambitions that rule human life. #Sadhguru #life

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Published on Mar 08, 2021
In this videos Sadhguru the mystic himself explains the essence of human life and what is every life form trying to achieve in its life time.
What feature does distinguish a human being from an animal?
Ever thought of it ?
Human beings are always living the creation of their own thoughts and emotions.
And in this creation longing to do something more creates ambitions within a person and leads to a life of stress.
What we are always looking for is to strive to become more than what we are right now.
He explains that if we try to experience life by the physiological boundary it will not lead us anywhere.
Instead if we try to obliterate our physical boundaries we can experience much better life than we can imagine.
Yoga is just about this. Trying to be in tune with the creation and to diminish our sense of discrimination.

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