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Top 10 Superheroes Who Are Impossible To Adapt Into the MCU

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Published on February 08, 2019
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There’s no shortage of fan theories when it comes to which characters may be introduced into the MCU in the upcoming phases of the franchise. It’s fun to speculate, and regardless of who you’re rooting for, it seems that there’s a promising future as far as superheroes are concerned in terms of new additions. That being said, not all heroes in the Marvel Universe in the comics are quite suitable for the big screen. This is because they’re too abstract, their powers to vague, or because another existing character already stole their thunder. So today, we’re diving deeper into this depressing truth with our list of the top 10 superheroes who are impossible to adapt into the MCU. This list is a combination of superheroes and cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe that are seen as good forces. Just something to keep in mind.

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