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DJI Air 2S Active Track vs Skydio 2: Tested & Footage!

DC Rainmaker

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Published on Apr 15, 2021
DJI Air 2S In-Depth Review:
DJI Air 2S on Amazon: (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!)
Controller Mount I used (Air 2S/Mavic Air 2/Mini 2):

Here's your complete and very real-world side by side comparison between the DJI Air 2S and the Skydio 2 in autonomous tracking modes. For the DJI Air 2S I'm showing Active Track 4.0 for both Trace & Parallel with the latest APAS 4.0 as well. Whereas for the Skydio its using its internal camera network to determine my and obstacles around me with no controller required (just a phone to monitor it).

I did numerous times runs pre-video, but in this video I'm focused on one comparison side by side to see how things work in the exact same route with trees, water, more trees, and more water. All while following me (the cyclist).

0:00 Quick sensor overview
2:48 DJI Air 2S Active Track Test
8:37 Going for a swim
9:05 DJI Obstacle avoidance deep-dive
10:34 Skydio 2 Autonomous Test
14:32 The Differences
16:53 Bonus Footage


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