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Jeeps vs. Toyotas Overlanding the Ozarks - A 3 Day Adventure

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Published on Jun 03, 2021
I hope you guys enjoy my longest episode yet! This was my second annual trip with the Ozark Overland Adventures crew that we call the "Bonfire Run." Last year for the Bonfire Run, I was in my Jeep TJ. This year made for a whole new experience and new set of challenges. This year we had a great mix of Jeeps and Toyotas consisting of 4th and 5th gen 4Runners, a couple 3rd gen Tacomas, a couple Jeep JL's, and a Jeep JK. One of my favorite parts about the trip was seeing Robert's 5th gen 4Runner on 35's do all of the Jeep trails 😎. But seriously, I really enjoyed seeing how the different platforms performed differently in the Ozarks. Please comment below on your favorite part!

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