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Is Mavic Air 2 The Last Drone You Should Ever Buy?

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Published on May 04, 2020
How does the Mavic Air 2 stack up against other DJI drones?

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The crazy pace that DJI is releasing new drones all the time it can be difficult to know if you should upgrade or not. So which do you get? Well, the good news is we put these 4 drones through their paces so that you can make an informed decision as to if you should upgrade to the Mavic air 2 or not. In this detailed real-life comparison, we explore the pros and cons of:

• Price 0:47
• Weight and size 1:09
• Camera Sensor Size 1:46
• Obstacle Avoidance Sensors 2:06
• Controller Comparison 2:26
• Flight time 2:44
• Top speed 3:12
• Range capabilities 3:30
• Obstacle Avoidance Comparison 4:28
• High-Speed Tracking 6:02
• Wind resistance (Leaf Blower Test) 6:56
• Photo Sharpness Comparison 9:04
• Low Light Test 9:42
• Dynamic Range Video Comparison 10:01
• What Drone Should You buy? 11:17

I was completely blown away while creating this review between the Mavic Air 2 vs the other drones. I have my opinion but which do you like the best? Are you planning on upgrading or downgrading? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Camera shooter: Ben Anderson
Editor: Ben Anderson, Adam Orchard

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