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Why is change so hard, and HOW TO CHANGE your habits effectively? | Dr Suri

Intentional Living with Dr Suri

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Published on Dec 21, 2020
Change and motivation go hand-in-hand, but why is change so hard? In this video, Dr Suri talks about the psychology of change, and how to change your habits through the 5 stages of change.

The reason change is hard is due to our brain’s use of neural pathways to develop habits and ways of thinking that makes breaking bad habits hard. Dr Suri shares tips to bring lasting changes and break your bad habits, using the 5 stages of change, and the steps that you can take in each stage to ged rid of bad habits.

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Time codes:
00:00 - Preview
00:49 - Why is change so hard?
02:17 - Change and motivation
03:50 - Stage 1 of change - Pre contemplation (denial)
04:15 - Stage 2 of change - Contemplation (recognition)
05:06 - Stage 3 of change - Preparation
05:53 - Stage 4 of change - Action
07:36 - Stage 5 of change - Maintenance
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