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Evan Blair, Getting Chicken Sandwiches, Lucas Loves Astrology, Not My Monkey

Just One Fern

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Published on Jan 11, 2021
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Aaron and Lucas interview Evan Blair on our first episode back! They discuss the world of song writing, how he has to adapt when working with different artists, and the stories behind all the knowledge he shares with the world on TikTok. The guys tell some stories of their Holiday seasons and play Is it Weird!

-Aaron wants a white board to be an Asshole.
-The Chick-fil-a employee wants Aaron ;)
-Lucas pranks his Dad with Popeyes.
-Lucas's girlfriend is too into astrology... now he is too!
-The Omegle Savior
-"Not my monkey, not my circus!"
-Is It Weird...?

Follow Evan Blair: @blair_sounds

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