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Toyota Tacoma: TRD Off-Road vs TRD Pro! | Comparison | Autotrader


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Published on Aug 04, 2020
So you’re considering buying an unbreakable, unstoppable Toyota Tacoma to use for your off-road exploits. Nobody can blame you — the Tacoma is awesome, so buying one is an easy decision. What can be difficult, though, is deciding which trim level is right for you. The TRD Pro is unquestionably cool, but is it worth the extra coin over the TRD Off-Road? And what about the TRD Sport? It has "TRD" in the name, but what exactly does "Sport" entail? If you’ve ever pondered this yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Below is a comparison of the features of both the TRD Off-Road and the TRD Pro, and some guidance on choosing between the two.

First, a word on the TRD Sport. The Sport should be thought of as an appearance package on top of a base Tacoma or a Tacoma SR5. The Sport offers body-colored bumpers and fender flares, a (non-functioning) hood scoop, 17-inch wheels with street tires, a "sport-tuned" suspension, and a front air dam attached at the base of the front bumper. The Sport is a viable option if your Tacoma is destined for mostly on-road use, as it lacks the off-road features of the TRD Off-Road. It can be argued that some of the features it does offer (larger wheels; front air-dam; painted bumper and trim) are actually hindrances to the innate off-road durability of the Tacoma.

If you’re buying a Tacoma for off-road use, there are really only two options — the TRD Off-Road and the TRD Pro. Which one is right for you depends on just how often and how hard you want to hit the trails.
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