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Inside Navy Strategies (1) - Aircraft Carrier USS Harry S. Truman | Full Documentary

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Published on Dec 15, 2019
Alert Red on the Atlantic: The heavily armed Carrier Strike 8 trained on the high seas in case of emergency. The aim of the four-week maneuver in the Atlantic Ocean is to optimize the tactical interaction of the individual battleships before they go into the next hot mission. In our documentary we show the heart of the fleet. The 333 meter long aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman - guarded by several destroyers and a reconnaissance ship of the Bundeswehr, the frigate Hessen.

About Inside Navy Strategies
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This 3-part series gives a fascinating insight into the secret world of international war battles in the vastness of the ocean. A mixture of unprecedented access to a real international (USA, GER, NOR) Nato mission exercise - originally shot at sea -, cutting-edge CGI revealing unseen details in the use and effect of latest weaponry, highly-decorated officers explaining the strategies behind maneuvers and rarely seen archive material puts the viewer in the front seat of what it means to defend a 100.000 tons air craft carrier in the open water.

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