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2021 Genesis GV80 review | Australia

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Published on Nov 15, 2020
In this video, Simone reviews the all new Genesis GV80, the first-ever SUV from Genesis.

Closely related to Hyundai, Genesis didn't really have to start from scratch in the SUV development, but the GV80 is a very different beast! Just like its sedan siblings, the GV80 is aimed to battle against revered German counterparts like the Mercedes-Benz GLE or the BMW X5 and that is some tough competition.

Genesis is really coming into its own as a luxury brand. Compared to the German counterparts, the prices of the GV80 have a smaller range and it is not as clearly pitted against specific models as BMW and Mercedes are.

Those two tend to follow each other, with almost every version and trim having a direct counterpart on the other side. The GV80 is a bit in-between. It starts for more money than the entry-level X5 for example, but it’s more powerful and with better specs. At the very top end, it lacks an offer against the beastly V8 GLE63 AMG, but the top-specced GV80 is about half the price. It's even significantly cheaper than the top non-AMG offering. You can get into the premium segment and even shop around a bit and still pay significantly less.

Judging by the first look, the Genesis GV80 seems to be more than a viable competitor. However, it’s main appeal from the industry point of view is the notion that this is just the beginning for the GV80.

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