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*PORSCHE EATER* The FASTEST VW GOLF 2 on The Nürburgring!!

Misha Charoudin

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Published on Oct 11, 2020
If you ever decide to attend the Destination Nürburgring track day, then you can be certain of a number of things: great track time thanks to Darren and his crew, spectacular pictures by Frozenspeed and finally: that no matter which car you bring, you will be overtaken by Nige in his home-built mk2 Golf.

Join me on today's lap and an extra-long in-depth video covering everything you need to know about the fastest mk 2 Golf on the Nürburgring: The Pinderwagen.

More on the Pinderwagen:

00:00 Intro
00:50 Outside Specs
05:00 Interior
06:50 The Engine
09:30 Before Flight
10:45 The Lap
19:15 The flashing light?
20:05 Outro
20:30 Is this safe?

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