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Laptime attempt: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta (7m08s full lap?!)!


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Published on Aug 08, 2014

Ferrari has been seen on the Nürburgring several times lately testing with a F12 Berlinetta. On Friday the 25th of July 2014 they were once again present with the F12 Berlinetta. This time though with what looked like laptime measurement equipment onboard. During the regular testing sessions on this day they did 3 testlaps. After the regular testing sessions were done though, they had the track all to themselves for 30 minutes and things started to get interesting. Firstly they drove by very slowly, warming up the car and making sure they could have a rolling start to the lap. After that the F12 Berlinetta came pounding through at full throttle, clearly trying to set a laptime. One cooldown lap later and the F12 dissappeared again and the peace and quiet returned to the German Eiffel. I actually timed the F12 at 7m48s full lap, I was stood at Hatzenbach though and by the time the F12 passed me after its laptime attempt it had done T13 to Hatzenbach at cooldown speed. This means some time can be deduced from the 7m48s. With my 106 Rallye it takes me about 50 seconds from the start/end point of laptime measurement to Hatzenbach, so an F12 at cooldown pace would probably do it in more or less the same time. If we would say we can deduce 40 seconds of the 7m48s that means the F12 did a full lap (20,8 KM) of the Nürburgring in 7m08s, making it 17 seconds faster than the Enzo and more or less as fast as a Nissan GT-R Nismo which would be really impressive! Do you guys think my estimates might be correct? I did the timing with a stopwatch on an Iphone.

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