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The Ending Of Enola Holmes Explained


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Published on Sep 23, 2020
If you still have some questions after reaching the end of the Netflix original movie Enola Holmes, starring Stranger Things phenom Millie Bobby Brown, we're here to dive into the whys, hows, and whodunits of the captivating caper. It's elementary, dear viewer...

The central mystery at the heart of Enola Holmes is kicked off by the disappearance of Enola's mother, Eudoria. While Enola's older brother Sherlock arrives to investigate their mother's disappearance, Enola isn't satisfied to leave it to him. She sets out on a quest to follow the clues and solve the mystery of her mother's disappearance all by herself.

Eventually, Enola's sleuthing leads her to a warehouse marked with her mother's distinctive purple ribbon. Inside, Enola finds fliers for a meeting of the National Society for Woman's Suffrage, along with a pamphlet headed "Protest, Unrest, & Civil Disobedience," and containing instructions for constructing an Orsini bomb. Moments later, Enola uncovers crates of these bombs within the warehouse, and worries about what, exactly, her mother has gotten herself involved in.

We never actually learn the specifics of what Eudoria's group was planning, but it's safe to assume that it was both dangerous and illegal. When Eudoria visits Enola at the end of the movie, she remains vague about the specifics of her plans, but does mention that the reason she didn't tell Enola where she was going was because it wasn't safe, adding that,

Since we never hear of any sort of attack in Enola Holmes, it seems probable that whatever Eudoria was planning is still in the works.

Enola's quest to find her mother kicks off when she realizes that the little box of gifts Eudoria left her contains a cipher. Its encoded message leads her to where her mother has hidden a large stash of money along with a cryptic note which reads "Our future is up to us." Enola interprets this as an invitation to follow after her mother, and immediately boards a train to London hoping to find her. As she searches, she leaves ciphers of her own in a number of newspapers, then routinely scours the classified ads for a response. Enola is positive that her mother has left her a puzzle that only she can solve, which will explain everything. Keep watching the video to see the ending of Enola Holmes explained.

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Eudoria's disappearance | 0:00
Trail of breadcrumbs | 1:21
Ellie Houseman | 2:28
Assassination plot | 3:30
Basilwether discoveries | 4:33
Tewkesbury's survival | 5:26
Reform Bill | 6:21
Pinecone significance | 7:26
Enola's irises | 8:25
What's next? | 9:09

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