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Mead EG '17 Movies are Magic

Eric Mead

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Published on Jun 27, 2017
This is my talk about magic and film history that opened The EG Conference #11 in Carmel, CA.

Like most of my work it's a careful pastiche, a collaborative effort where I am concealing my many influences. Thanks are mandatory though, for the scripting here owes a huge debt to my friend and teacher Juan Tamariz, while the coin handling and plot is a nod to so many friends--Kenner, Liwag, Hooser, Townsend, Conover, Wilson, Williamson, Kurtz, and of course, of course, Korn.

The EG Conference continues to be the best of all the marquee conferences happening these days. For more of me through the years there, and a ton of other far more captivating and brilliant presentations, go to and click on Talks.
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