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CT5-V Blackwing vs Tesla Model S Plaid vs M5 CS Review and Drag Race — Jason Cammisa ICONS Ep. 05


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Published on Nov 04, 2021
Full review, track battle, and drag race of the Blackwing versus Plaid versus BMW M5 CS — what better way to find out why the top dog Cadillac is an icon?

In this episode, Jason Cammisa reviews the CT5-V Blackwing along with the CT4-V Blackwing and the BMW M5 CS, and brings along a TMS Plaid to show why future Blackwings will be electric.

SCCA Hall of Fame race-car driver Randy Pobst breaks the sedan lap record at Willow Springs (Big Willow) three times in one episode: which of these 3 super-sedans is quickest around a track?

The episode starts out with a drag race to see which one is quickest in a straight line — and the results might surprise you.

This is the definitive review of the CT5-V and the most sideways review of the BMW M5 and its incredible AWD system.


0:00 Intro - Why the Blackwing is already an icon
1:09 Drag Race - Tesla Model S Plaid vs Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing vs BMW M5 CS
4:20 CT5-V Blackwing Track Review - Fastest and Most Powerful Cadillac Ever
7:38 What does Cadillac Mean
8:47 Cadillac Escalade Uber with Randy Pobst
10:40 BMW M5 CS Track Review with Randy Pobst
12:52 M5 CS Willow Springs Laptime Record
13:02 CT5-V Blackwing Willow Springs Laptime Record
13:36 The M5's AWD system and Drift Mode
14:37 Saxophones and the sound of the Small Block
15:19 CT5-V Blackwing On-Road Review with gearing dicusssion
17:04 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing On-Road Review — wrong engine!
18:40 BMW M5 CS Track Review and Chasing Numbers
20:04 Why the Blackwing is such a big deal
21:01 Tesla Model S Plaid Willow Springs Laptime Record
21:34 Blackwing is Memorable — Conclusion
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