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Fatherhood & a real Open Hardware Standard - The Meltzone Podcast Ep37

The Meltzone Podcast

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Published on Aug 19, 2020
After another short break due to Stefan becoming a father, both talk about recent projects involving 3D scanners & sublimating 3D scanning spray. News cover KFC planning to print with lab meat in Russia, 3D printing gunpowder, a Standard for Open Hardware and Open Source Computer Vision Algorithms for print correction. Due to recent events, both rant about an allegedly "fully" 3D printed motorcycle, 3D printed houses, and how Kickstarters rarely are used anymore for what they should. Questions cover, exotic material printing, printing services, and testing out your designs for different printing technologies.

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### SHOW NOTES ###
3D printing spray:
KFC printing lab meat:
Superstrata 3D printed bike:
Fully 3D printed motorcycle:
3D printed gunpowder:
Open Hardware Standard (GER):
Free DIN SPEC 3105-1:
Vision QA algorithm:
Spaghetti Detective:
3D printed house:
Toms review guidelines:
Formlabs ceramic resin:

0:00 Episode 037
2:40 Fatherhood
8:10 3D Scanning and 3D scanning spray
16:50 3D printed lab meat by KFC
22:00 3D printed uni-frame bike
31:30 "fully" 3D printed motorcycle
35:00 3D printed gun powder
42:00 Open Hardware Standard
49:00 Open Source Vision-Based Print correction algorithm
57:30 3D printed buildings
1:08:30 Kickstarter rant
1:21:45 Question: 3D printing ceramics & printing services
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