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Why I Am BUYING The AirBnB IPO (High Growth)

Daniel Pronk

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Published on Aug 20, 2020
Why I Am Considering To BUY This NEW IPO

Hey everyone! In this video I discuss the potential Air BnB IPO. Air BnB seems to be struggling right now with everything going on in the world, which is why they may do an IPO. In this video I give my thoughts.

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Hey I'm Daniel Pronk and in this video I explain my thoughts on Airbnbs upcoming IPO as well as analyze its revenue, income statement, financials, ratios, and future. I do my best to explain whether or not Airbnb is a good or bad investment.

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I am not a financial advisor. The ideas presented in this video are for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.
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