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NIO ES8 & 3-minute Battery Swap Station | FULLY CHARGED for Clean Energy & Electric Vehicles


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Published on Aug 06, 2020
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How would you feel about an electric car which you could charge from 0-100% in 3 minutes at a cost of around £8? Sounds too good to be true? Let us introduce you to the NIO ES8.
This SUV might be big, but it's also agile, and while its price tag reflects the refined design and impressive range, what's really interesting is the battery swapping service offered to all new NIO customers, as standard. In this episode Elliot takes the ES8 out for a drive and shows the 3-minute Battery Swap Station in action. For easy reference, please use the *Timestamps* below...

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0:00 Introduction to NIO & Battery Swapping
0:51 NIO - Blue Sky Coming
1:39 NIO ES8 price & statistics
2:55 Nice Action!
3:05 Boot/Trunk Size & 7-seats
3:26 Luxurious Interior, Innovative Instrumentation
4:32 First Drive Impressions
6:17 Battery Swap Station in action
6:50 Battery Swap Starts
7:00 Explanation of Battery Swap
8:03 Cost of Battery Swap
9:50 Battery Swap Finishes
10:02 NIO Power Remote Charging
11:01 Summary on NIO, ES8, Battery Swap etc
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12:00 Subscribe & Support

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