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Why Nissan's Ariya EV is a new Tesla Y, VW ID.4 & Ford Mach-E electric SUV rival. Detailed look

The Late Brake Show

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Published on Jan 25, 2021
Why Nissan's new Ariya EV is a new Tesla Y, VW ID.4 & Ford Mach-E electric SUV rival. Jonny takes a detailed look at the finished crossover, due on sale later this year (autumn 2021 for UK). With a maximum range of 310 miles, the Tesla Y and Ford Mach-e have longer range versions available, but the Ariya is slated to go on sale from £37,000. Nissan invented the crossover genre years ago with the shocking success of their Qashqai and then Juke, so the hope rests that the more upmarket Ariya will continue this, as well as Nissan's proven track record for mass producing EVs. Over half a million Leafs have sold since its launch in 2010.

Welcome to The Late Brake Show.

Like its competitors the Nissan Ariya will be offered with fwd or awd, along with a pair of battery options and different outputs. Here's the full specs that we know:

Two battery pack sizes: 65kWh (63 usable) or 90kWh (87 usable) which both crucially use liquid cooling and heating to enable regular rapid charging....unlike the Leaf.

65kWh Ariya gets 7.4kw charging onboard
90kWh Ariya gets 22kw 3 phase charging onboard
Up to 130kw DC with CCS (only Chademo option for Japan market)
375km (230 miles) range to be added in 30 mins.

FWD 65kWh, 215bhp / 160kw, 300nm, 0-62 7.5 secs, 99mph, 233 mile WLTP (360km)
FWD 90kWh, 239bhp / 178kw, 300nm, 0-62 in 7.6 secs,99mph, 310 miles WLTP (500km)

3 x 4wd e4orce versions available
e4orce 75kWh, 275 bhp / 205kw, 560nm, 0-62 5.9 secs, 124mph, 211 miles WLTP (340km)
e4orce 90kWh, 302bhp / 225kw, 600nm, 0-62 5.7 secs, 124mph, 285 miles WLTP (460km)
'Performance' e4orce 90kWh, 389bhp / 290kw, 600nm, 0-62 5.1 secs, 124mph, 248 miles WLTP (400km)

4595mm long
1850mm wide
1660mm high
2775mm wheelbase (70mm longer than X-Trail)
1800-2300kg kerb weight

117mm shorter than Ford Mach-E
180mm shorter than Tesla Y

Boot capacity is 468 litres on 2wd
e-4orce models are reduced to 415 litres

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Filmed by: Nigel Swan and Jonny Smith
Edited by: Mark Hankins - @Inksharkman - InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

Jonny Smith aka CarPervert
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98

0:00 The Leaf
0:20 Over half a million Leafs sold
1:35 The Crossover new EV hope
2:00 Rival to Mach-E, ID.4 and Tesla Y
2:17 Qashqai and Juke invented the Crossover genre
2:42 5 x version stats
3:48 Exterior design
5:00 All new chassis platform (CMF-EV)
5:22 e4orce 4WD system
5:54 Wheels (19 or 20)
6:12 Almost identical to 2019 concept
6:24 Front end design
6:51 Illuminating badge
7:49 No frunk/froot
8:28 Dimensions
8:40 Boot space
9:10 CCS rapid charge (not CHAdeMO)
9:30 Charging stats
9:59 Rear seats
11:02 Wheelbase
11:19 Front cabin
11:28 Similar dash to Honda-e?
11:50 Dash haptic buttons
12:32 2 x 12.3" screens
13:08 motorised centre console
13:51 4G connectivity & software updates
14:00 Voice control hell
14:21 Amazon Alexa integration
14:54 Driver settings recognised by key
15:22 ProPilot 2.0
15:45 Mobile work desk!
16:08 Verdict
6:22 Subscribe & social media
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