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DJI Mavic air 2 Range Test 3 Miles 😲 in HEAVY WiFi Vs Mavic Air 1- 16,000 Feet Difference?


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Published on May 18, 2020
We went out to test the Mavic Air 2 in a area where I normally do my range tests. Wanted to see if there was much difference between the Mavic Air 2 vs Mavic Air 1 as far as distance in a heavy WiFi area. I even tried cheating with the Mavic Air one and used Parabolic antennas. Previously I got well over 1.5 miles with the Mavic Air 1 just 2 years ago with my brother in law.

Today that same area has over 40,000 new homes being built and the WiFi interference was the worse I've seen, especially as of doing this, Stay at Home Orders are in affect.

Mavic Air 1= 4,550 Feet
Mavic Air 2 = 16,000 Feet.

Could have got much more with the Mavic Air 2, but was nearing an airport and tried to stay safe as possible. I'm sure Dustin Dunnil will get 25,000 feet or more using sport mode only in the high mountains of Hawaii

Times are changing rapidly in this hobby and our lives in general. Seems like everything we do is no longer acceptable by those more interested in Controlling every aspect of our lives. The FAA Remote ID is one of them. I do not regret leaving my comment in defense of our hobby, but it is apparent that they do not care as even Amazon (the biggest advisory to the hobby gets to have a large say as to how the remote ID will be implemented and what drones will be able to use them.

I guess when you have big pockets, the law and how what you do will effect others negatively does not matter.

Anyway, enjoy the flight. I am keeping my Mavic Air 1 but the Mavic Air 2 is simply a major upgrade in every way, and just a beast of a machine.
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