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Financial Disaster For Airbnb in 2020 With Delayed (Paused) IPO - Video Update

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Published on Mar 19, 2020
How will Airbnb meet it's end? Will it be in 2020? Will it be next month? Will they make it to IPO? They just did a complete 180 on one of their core differentiators. Will it work or will it blow up? Join the conversation after this video.

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On the forefront of the news today airbnb is getting tons of press on their stance to give guests full refunds. overriding host's cancellation policies. Airbnb also has ill will regarding airbnb's host guarantee program changing it's protocol making it harder for hosts to recoup money from bad guests. Third and most brutal with it's timing, airbnb is preventing certain guests from booking and redirecting them to hotels. These all add up to one clear message to hosts. "We are not the Airbnb you once knew 10 years ago".

What will this mean for hosts? Will they stick around and deal with all of the changes? will the bet pay off and bring all of these guests from and VRBO to the platform? Or is the equation off.
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